This page is dedicated to the Mid-America Junior Cup

An annual competition between Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association (MAGA) and Central Links Golf (CLG), formerly the Kansas City Golf Association (KCGA).



Mid-America Junior Cup


Mid-America Junior Cup


Mid-America Junior Cup


Mid-America Junior Cup

This competition began in 1999 as an effort to showcase the top juniors from each Associations respective regions. The event was created to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship between MAGA and KCGA.

The record of the matches as of 2021 is:
MAGA – 10
CLG – 9
Ties – 4

Past Results

YearSiteMAGA PointsKCGA PointsWinnerResults
1999Blue Hills Country Club71MAGA
2000Norwood Hills Country Club22MAGA
2001Oakwood Country Club0.57.5KCGA
2002Missouri Bluffs Golf Club53MAGA
2003Kansas City Country Club53MAGA
2004Forest Hills Country Club71MAGA
2005Indian Hills Country Club4.53.5MAGA
2006WingHaven Country Club6.51.5MAGA
2007Loch Lloyd Country Club44Halved (MAGA Retains Cup)
2008Glen Echo Country Club35KCGA
2009Milburn Country Club26KCGA
2010Algonquin Golf Club1.56.5KCGA
2011Mission Hills Country Club4.53.5MAGA
2012Bellerive Country Club62MAGA
2013Blue Hills Country Club26KCGA
2014Fox Run Golf Club44Halved (KCGA Retains Cup)
2015Nicklaus GC at Lionsgate3.54.5KCGA
2016St. Louis Country Club35KCGA
2017Shadow Glen Golf Club44Halved (KCGA Retains Cup)
2018Bogey Hills Country Club79KCGAResults
2019Kansas City Country Club313KCGAResults
2020Lake Forest Country Club88Halved (CLG Retains Cup)Results
2021Falcon Lakes Golf Club9.56.5MAGAResults

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