Sobbe Cup Semi-Final Matches Complete

Eureka, MO - Four teams met on the first tee of The Legends Country Club for the 30th Thomas O. Sobbe Cup Final Four. Glen Echo Country Club, Bogey Hills Country Club, Quincy Country Club, and Spring Lake Country Club all battled their way into the final four throughout the summer by topping their divisions and defeating two teams in the knockouts. For the semi-final matches, Glen Echo Country Club (GECC) would face Spring Lake Country Club (SLCC) and Bogey Hills Country Club (BHCC) would face Quincy Country Club (QCC). 

Hitting the course first, bright and early at 8:00am, were the singles scratch matches between Bogey Hills and Quincy. Ryan Behrmann (BHCC) faced Parker Freiburg (QCC) while Jeremy Reidelberger (BHCC) faced Jacob Scholz (QCC). In each match, there was only one hole that Quincy won, while for the majority of each match, Behrmann and Reidelberger were in control. Behrmann would win 6 & 4 to earn Bogey Hills its first point. Reidelberger followed this in by winning 5 & 3. The professionals match was next with Ryan Roy (BHCC) going head-to-head with Job Roberson (QCC). Roberson won the first hole before Roy took over. Then on the back nine, Roberson started fighting back until the match ended in a tie. The singles handicap match between Clayton Cissell (BHCC) and Matt Boudreau (QCC) was a real fight to the finish. The two went back and forth throughout the match, but Cissell would come out on top 3 & 1. Next up were the handicap four-ball matches between the side of Mark Schoene and Brad Nowak (BHCC) taking on the side of Brad Keller and Joe Ott (QCC). Keller and Ott started strong by winning the first hole, but Schoene and Nowak took over until they defeated their opponent 5 & 3. Rounding out the groups were the senior four-ball handicap matches. Ron King and Michael Warden (BHCC) looked strong on the front nine until Dennis Boudreau and Kevin Becker (QCC) rallied back on the back nine to bring and keep the match tied. Bogey Hills would collect 5 points to win the match, leaving Quincy with just 1 point.  

Alternating tee times saw the matches between Glen Echo and Spring Lake begin at 8:10am in the same format order as their opponents on the other side of the bracket. Drew Pranger (GECC) started things off against Adam Pfeiffer (SLCC) while Michael Becker (GECC) took on Aaron Neff (SLCC). Pranger got off to a quick start, winning the first two holes, but Pfeiffer kicked into gear to take over the match and win 3 & 1. Becker also took the early lead over Neff, and he never let up. Becker only gave Neff the win on one hole to win the match 6 & 4 and give Glen Echo its first point. Traveling behind them was the professionals match between Michael Herbig (GECC) and Braden Bennett (SLCC). Herbig, much like Becker, only gave up one hole to his opponent. Winning 82% - or 9 out of 11 - of the holes played, Herbig swept in a second point for his team with an 8 & 7 win. The singles handicap match featured Kevin McLaughlin (GECC) versus Andy Smith (SLCC). Through five holes, McLaughlin was three up, but Smith found his footing to come back to 2 & 1 win. Smith’s success gave Spring Lake its second point of the day. Coming down to the four-ball matches, the side of Jay Ott and Josh Cocking would take on the side of Dan Wert and Tony Marshall in the handicap four-ball matches. A real back and forth day saw Wert and Marshall with an early lead before Cocking and Ott fought back. The match wasn’t over until it saw this switching of the lead again and Cocking and Ott won the match 2 & 1. The final group of the day was the match up of James Storey and Steve Hallemann (GECC) against Eric Stratman and Tim Oitker (SLCC) in the senior handicap four-ball. The two sides continued to battle throughout the day until Stratman and Oitker came out on top on the 18th green to win 1 Up. Glen Echo and Spring Lake would both collect 3 points, splitting the matches.  

With an equal number of points, Glen Echo and Spring Lake would enter a sudden death playoff. The two teams selected the singles scratch golfer they felt would lead them to victory. Glen Echo would send Michael Becker into battle while Spring Lake would choose Adam Pfeiffer. The pair headed down Hole 1 with their teams in tow to watch. It took not 1, not 2, nor 3 holes to decipher a winner, but 4 playoff holes would occur to determine which team would move on to the finals. After four holes, Michael Becker would finally defeat his opponent and send Glen Echo into the finals.  

Bogey Hills Country Club is set to face Glen Echo Country Club in the Final Match of the Sobbe Cup. Due to the length of the matches in the semi-final along with the addition of a four hole playoff, the committee has decided to postpone the final match to a later date. As information becomes available regarding the final match, it will be shared.

Update: The Final Match of the Sobbe Cup will take place on Friday, September 29 at the Country Club of St. Albans.

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