Old Warson Cup Round of 16 & Quarterfinals

There’s nothing quite like Match Play, where anything can happen. The Round of 16 of the Old Warson Cup was filled with some tight competition. The lowest seeded player in the field, Joel Sylven, pulled off the upset in the first match of the day by beating the number one seed, Tony Gumper, 5 & 4. Two more players pulled off seed upsets. Seed 13, Jason Landry, took down number 4 seed, Drew Pranger, 2 & 1, while number 12 seed, Max Kreikemeier, beat number 5 seed, Brad Carpenter, 2 & 1 as well. The battles continued throughout the morning with Ryan Eckelkamp (No. 9) winning 6 & 4 over Sam Migdal (No. 8). Being the first lower seed to defeat his opponent, number 2 seed Chad Niezing was triumphant over number 15, Kyle Szcesniak, 3 & 1. Shawn Jasper (No. 10) also came in 3 & 1 over his opponent Chris Kovach (No. 7). In the final two matches of the morning, Ryan Sullivan (No. 3) took down Tyler Linenbroker (No. 14) 5 & 3, and number 6 seed, Justin Bryant, defeated number 11, Ryan Schuenke, 3 & 2. 

In the afternoon, the quarterfinals kicked off. By the end of the round, none of the top five players remained. Joel Sylven (No. 16) came back with fight in his blood, proving that he was no underdog when he took down Ryan Eckelkamp (No. 9) 6 & 5. Max Kreikemeier (No. 12) fought until the very end when he took opponent Jason Landry (No. 13) to 21 holes to claim his win. Shawn Jasper (No. 10) was tasked with fending off Chad Niezing (No. 2), and managed to do so 2 & 1. The last match of the day saw Justin Bryant (No. 6) take Ryan Sullivan (No. 3) to 18 holes, winning 1 up.  

The Senior Division took to the course in the afternoon. Brian Lovett, the number 1 seed, faced David Bremer, number 4 seed, who he defeated 2 & 1. The second match of the division saw Paul Neeman (No. 3) take down the defending senior champion, Buddy Allen (No. 2), 3 & 1.  

Tomorrow, Joel Sylven will face Max Kreikemeier while Shawn Jasper takes on Justin Bryant in the semi-finals. Brian Lovett and Paul Neeman will meet for the final of the Senior Division mid-day.

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