2023 Winter Rules Sessions

Below are the recordings for each week of the 2023 Winter Rules Sessions:

Week 1 - January 11 - Major Changes to the Rules for 2023; Rule 1

Week 2 - January 18 - Rules 2-3-4

Week 2 Question: Question/clarification regarding Rule 4.3a

Does a suspension of play impact the prohibited uses of equipment? E.g. 4.3a(6) swing aid

Immediate suspension for thunderstorm: swing aid being used while awaiting play to resume?  Very first sentence of Rule 4.3a states “Rule 4.3 applies to all types of equipment that a player might use during a round . . .  “.  (no mention of when play is stopped or suspended).   Player may swing with weighted donut on club or use a DMD when play is stopped or suspended.

Normal suspension for darkness: swing aid being used the next morning prior to play resuming? No problem here either during warmup.

Question on 4.3a(1) distance measuring device

Are there any MAGA events that prohibit standard DMDs? No
USGA Qualifying events: No, and while they cannot be used during the USGA Open Championships, they can be used during the qualifying phases. 

Week 3 - January 25 - Rules 5-6
Week 3 Questions:
Dave Verhulst: re:5.3a No practice strokes while playing a hole...3rd bullet scenario...
e.q., match play: player 2 concedes hole after hitting 2 tee shots OB while player 1 tee shot in the fairway.  Can players continue to play out the hole?
Answer:  Although 5.5b clearly states that a player may not make practice strokes after completion of a hole except for chipping or putting at the putting green of the hole just competed or the next teeing ground, the 3rd bullet point of 5.5a (No Practice Strokes While Playing Hole) allows this:  Strokes made by a player in playing out a hole whose result has been decided - not a practice stroke.
Maria Morrison: If a player's ball comes to rest on another hole's tee box, does the player get relief if ball comes to rest next to tee marker or do they have to take unplayable penalty?
Answer: The teeing area of another hole (or even another tee on the same hole) is in the General Area (just like a Wrong Green is in the General Area).  The tee marker on that other spot is not a tee marker but a Movable Obstruction.  Player may play the ball as it lies or move the movable obstruction (Rule 15.2). If the player's ball moves during removal of the obstruction, there is NO PENALTY and the player's ball must be replaced (not dropped) on its original spot. 
Dave Hampton: In a net match play event do you use the net or gross score to determine the order of play on the next hole.
Answer: Honour at the next hole is based on which side won the previous hole (or in the event of a tie, the honour on the previous hole). Handicap strokes are part of determining which side has won the hole.

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