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Formed in 1992, the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association (“MAGA”) is a regional golf association licensed by the United States Golf Association to provide a variety of amateur golf services to its member clubs. MAGA is comprised of golf clubs throughout the Metropolitan St. Louis area and Central Illinois region. Membership has presently grown to over 100 member clubs. (See Members Page for a complete list.)

The Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association services clubs in the
 following counties of Missouri and Illinois:

City of St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Lincoln and Warren

Adams, Pike, Greene, Calhoun, Jersey, Macoupin, Montgomery, Fayette, Clay, Richland, Lawrence, Madison, Bond, Marion, St. Clair, Clinton, Washington, Jefferson, Wayne, Edwards, Wabash, Monroe, Randolph, Perry, Franklin, Hamilton, White, Jackson, Williamson, Saline, Gallatin, Union, Johnson, Pope, Hardin, Alexander, Pulaski and Massac.  

In keeping with its goals of organizing and promoting golf in this region, the Association provides the following services to member clubs:

The Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association is licensed by the USGA to issue USGA Course/Slope Ratings. The Metropolitan is the only regional golf association authorized to issue USGA Course/Slope Ratings in the above mentioned Missouri and Illinois counties. The Metropolitan is committed to creating uniformity in all Course/Slope Rating in this 
region. In addition to a Course Rating system, the Metropolitan also performs golf course measuring for its Member Clubs.

The Metropolitan, also through our license with the USGA, is the regional authority on the Rules of Golf as published by the USGA. The Metropolitan is also authorized to teach the Rules of Golf under the USGA trademark. For information or questions on the Rules of Golf and/or to request a Rules of Golf presentation, contact our office at (314) 567-MAGA or info@metga.org.

The Metropolitan, also through our license with the USGA, is the regional authority on the Rules of Amateur Status. It is our charge to continue to uphold the principles and traditions of the USGA; to protect and preserve the amateur game and those who wish to play the sport for their love of the game and not for remuneration.

At the end of the golf season the Metropolitan conducts the Player of the Year Awards Reception. During this time the Metropolitan 
acknowledges a Player of the Year for Men, Women and Senior Men whose performances over the past year were 
exemplary. The Player of the Year Point Systems determine the Men’s and Senior Men’s Player of the Year.

Every year the Metropolitan relies on its volunteer base to help conduct the USGA Qualifying Rounds and Metropolitan Championships. Our volunteers are used at our events as Rules Officials, Starters and Scorers. Also, volunteers are used throughout the year to help perform USGA Course/Slope Ratings in the region. Please realize that volunteers are a vital part of the implementation of all services provided by MAGA.
For information on any of the above services, to help as a volunteer or to become a member of the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association, please contact us at (314) 567-MAGA  or e-mail at info@metga.org

Amateur Championship
Match Play Championship
Open Championship
Women’s Amateur Championship
Junior Amateur Championship
Senior Amateur Championship
Metropolitan Cup Matches
Four-Ball Championship
Mid-America Junior Cup
Amateur Series

U.S. Open Qualifying (Local)
U.S. Senior Open Qualifying
U.S. Women’s Open Qualifying
U.S. Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Girls’ Junior Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Senior Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Qualifying
U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Men’s and Women’s)

Stan Grossman, President
Scott Engelbrecht, Secretary/Treasurer
At-Large Members
Kelli Kirchoff
Mike Marquart
Ray McCraine
Rick Meyer, Jr.
John Moore
Mick Wellington


Scott Thomas, Chairman
Dustin Ashby
Tom Barry
Skip Berkmeyer
Jim Dunn
David Rhoads
Curt Rohe


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