Mid-America Junior Cup Celebrates 20 Years in 2018

St. Louis, MO – The Mid-America Junior Cup is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018.  The matches were created as a vision of Ned Rychel with the Kansas City Golf Association to create a junior competition between the Kansas City Golf Association (KCGA) and the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association (MAGA).

The matches are unique in that it gives the top junior golfers, eight from each Association made up of 4 boys and 4 girls, the opportunity to compete in very different formats.  Since the inception, the matches played were Four-Ball Match Play, pitting boys vs. boys and girls vs. girls and Foursomes with boy/girl vs. boy/girl matches.  Formats that most juniors do not have the chance to compete in throughout their junior careers.

In 2018, the KCGA and MAGA have agreed to expand the matches to include singles matches into the fray.  The Four-Ball and Foursomes will be played on Saturday (October 20) and Singles Matches will be played on Sunday (October 21) adding a whole new element to the competition.

“Doug (Habel, KCGA Executive Director) and I discussed adding the Singles component to the weekend and were both all for expanding on the competition” commented MAGA Executive Director, Curt Rohe.  “Adding Singles Matches should elevate the competition to a whole new height in 2018 and beyond!”

Bogey Hills Country Club is excited to host the Mid-America Junior Cup for the first time.  With the new clubhouse opening in 2018, it should be a fabulous venue for the top juniors from each Association to compete for the Mid-America Junior Cup.

The Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association conducts ten (10) championships, ten (10) USGA qualifying rounds and its Amateur Series of events each season.  MAGA provides the USGA GHIN Handicap Service to 140 member clubs across the St. Louis region and Southern Illinois.  Additionally, MAGA is the regional authority on the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status.  For more information, visit www.metga.org.


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